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1. When you register in our shop please READ the "RULES" if u Broke one of the rules u will lose your Balance and you will get banned too!

2. If u have registered in our Shop that means u have accepted all of our Rules!

3. The owners of this SHOP will take NO responibility for the way you use the Informations on this SH0P

4. Please if u do not accept one of our RULES just Open new Ticket...

Refunding Accounts / Stuff / Tutorials Rules:

1. We have implement in our Shop "CHECKERS" that means u can Check Before buy example: Shell , cPanel and Mailer too.

2. Please Check Before buy if u see INVALID do not buy it that means tool its DEAD! but if u see VALID that means Tool works 100%

3. We do not refund if you Purchased Mailer / Smtp has stopped sending mails that means We have not specific how much can send but we guaranted for inbox or deliverd.

4. We do not refund for cPanel if you dident reported in 10 Minutes

5. We do not refund for Shells if you dident reported in 10 Minutes

6. We do not refund for Mailer if you dident reported in 10 Minutes

7. Most of the RDPS's in SH0P are Hacked so we dont Guaranted how much RDP it will last so we dont Guaranted any second from the moment you bought from us, we cant know when owners can detect someone using his RDP so he can catch you from time-to-time.

8. We only Guaranted RDP-CARDED most of them are (USA) Country If u see in shop RDP-CARDED that means they work for 30 DAYS Guaranted and Price are UP! not Cheapest

9. We do not refund if you purchased Accounts in our store have been restricted for the IP Address fault this is your mistake when u login to accounts!

10. To report a bad Account/Stuff you must use the REPORT button within 10 Minutes which appears in the right of your bought tools

Reseller Rules:

1. We do not Accept RDP that logins works but desktop its with locked password or RDP working but Chrome & Mozilla not opening

2. We do not Accept Shells example "Shells upload/unzip" we automaticly delete or Refund you 100% What we Need its "SHELL WITH UPLOAD/UNZIP AND DELIVERD TOO"

3. We do not Accept Mailers saying its VALIDDD check the HTTP but the deliverd to mail its we will refund client and u will loose your Reseller Access

4. We do not Accept Uploading EMAIL-PASS OR LEADS OR RDP BULK OR SHELLS BULK WHATEVER with sendspace link or speedshare link JUST NOTEPAD.CC & SOME OTHERS LIKE NOTEPAD

5. We do not Accept Resellers uploading their own tools with adverdsing his yahoo or icq in Mailers or Shells permenent banned i guaranted that.

6. We preffer every tools to be specific not Duplicated u will get banned also we do not preffer Shells / Mailers / Ftp / cPanels Same Servers !

7. If you are reseller in and most of your tools are not solded under 1 weeks your reseller it will be disabled because your tools are LQ

Dear resellers if u broke one of these Rules u will get banned!


1. You must transfer exact amount while you are making payment or u will lose money and we will not receive any money from you!

2. We do not re-charge anyone - So we only refunds for your Bad Accounts/Stuff!

3. Minimum to add balance in its 5.00$

Support Rules:

1. Do not use insulting words and do not use prejudicious words like "SCAM" RIP " YOU HAVE RIPPED ME bla bla bla

2. Do not create multiply ticket for just 1 case wait 24 hours till Support fix that issue for you


Thank You , Hvault - Team


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